November 3, 2009

When work is fun!!!!!!!!

I am talking about Charan Sachar a potter behind "Creative with clay". Charan is an Indian origin Seattle , Washington based clay pottery artist. Though he is engineer by profession, his passion drew him to this medium of art to show his inherent artistic quality. As the name reflects, the creativity in his work is often flourishing. His piece of work is not only aesthetic but every designs of his has its own uniqueness and the great deal of functionality attached to it. His work is eye catching and full of colors and inspired by Indian designs, fabrics, embroidery, colors and Bollywood.. Please see for yourself , his online store at etsy :
and his website at

Bollywood Shakes!!!!!!!!!!! below line inspired by Bollywood

Move it - shake it !!!!!!!!!

Incense stick holders and wine bottle stoppers........

Handmade Butter dish with butter knife - Charan's signature item.
Butter Dish, holds one 4oz stick of butter and is designed to hold the butter knife in the lid.

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