October 4, 2012

Rohit Sharma’s Art

Rohit Sharma’s art , shows strong fascination for Delhi and uses his art to highlight  chaos of Delhi . Amidst the  over whelming hustle bustle of the city  where you would find herd of cows wandering around the city , doodh walas ( milk men) with their containers on bicycles,  auto walas spotted arguing with their customers or lazing around in a refusal mood . Delhi is full of life and offers many colours of urban and street lifestyle.

A realistic observation of Delhi , sympathetic portrayal of humble cow , the changing city and its values , metropolitan lifestyle, cross cultural  encounters between rural and urban India  with satirical bent of mind is what his latest  art  series is all about . 

Delhi has its own multicultural identity  with which we  or I being a Delhiite specifically associate .  I feel he has captured its essence so truly and perfectly.


                                          Kamdhenu & Milk containerimage

                                 Kamdhenu A Mythical Cowimage

                                            Delhi on Road ( Waiting)image

                               Delhi On Road(Modern Cow - 2)image

                                      Delhi On Road(Modern Cow-3image


                                  Delhi on road(Auto & Me)image

                        Delhi On Road(SLEEPLESS - 3)image

His work and details  about events are listed on his website.

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