November 9, 2009

"Am I seeing Peacocks everywhere?"

Every month , I will be dedicating one post to any concept that banks on its Indianness to carry it through. This month's theme is "PEACOCK"

Since, my childhood, I was enchanted by the timeless beauty of Indian Blue Peacock (as popularly known Mor in Hindi and Mayura in sanskrit)and used to keep those beautiful feathers in my books. It's beauty is indescribable , awesome probably God's one of the best creations and God's favourite too. Lord Krishna always had peacock feather in his crown. There are references in "Vedas" about Peacock . The great Mughals too were mesmerised by the charm and majestic beauty of this lovely bird that the architecture at their time & "Takht e Taus" a legendary Peacock throne shows their fondness for peacock. Peacock signifies India and proudly known as National Bird of India.

I just happened to read an interesting book on Peacock " Peacock in Indian Art, thought and Literature by Mr.Krishna Lal. Book revealed interesting facts about peacock and its worth in India in the form of art , literature , religion ,etc . If this beautiful bird stirs your imagination too , go grab the copy of the book it is available at :

Since ancient times right from Mohanjodaro 2500 BC till this date peacock continue to spark the imagination of many artistic souls. It is the spirit of this exotic bird that its regal charm and mysticism easily blending traditional to chic fusion in the fashion, style and culture of any part of the world. By the way, the peacock trend is catching up so fastly that I see peacocks peacocks everywhere in jewellery , clothing , textiles , watches , shoes ... ethnics with a blend of modern yet unique

Makes my heart skip a beat!!!!!!!!

Peacock inspired fashion accessories!!!

Feather effect!!!

As if peacock dancing in my house!!!!!!!

Kitchenware too !!

Out of the world !!!

P.S. We claim no ownership to any image used in the above post as the same is used only for inspiration source .

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