November 12, 2009


Studio Gorm is a design studio of John Arndt and Wonhee Jeong . They have designed Indian line of products in collaboration with artisans in Gujarat for Dastkar( The society for an upliftment of crafts and craftspeople in India). The India Line is featured below . Please click here for more creations by these brilliant designers:

The designs created by them are neat, aligned and "green " that they not only look good, but are easier to use and Eco friendly too. Their "Flow2 kitchen " is a unique product/concept in which Kitchen waste is used to grow the plants that too within the same cute little unit. Please click below link to find more on how it works , it is a detailed post by Deezen on the same.

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  1. Hello I am Trajani. I stay in Mumbai India.
    Plese tell me where can i buy these colourful Char Pai sets. I m very much interested.



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