November 2, 2009

Love for Indian Handmade Textiles

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I recently came across mind blowing and superb work of Sally Campbell from Australia. She set up her business in 2005 . Deeply passionate about her work and absolutely enthused by the Indian traditional textile art and craft by Women in Rajasthan , village weavers in Bengal, and intricate hand embroiderers in Lucknow.
The intensity of her passion for Indian Textiles is so obvious that her entire range of home textiles look so arty and creativity is limitless.It is not only her creativity but her purpose of helping the community she works with in her own way is exemplary. As said by her in one of her interviews: "Creating a new career for myself and doing my bit in helping to keep Eco friendly traditional crafts alive, hoping to give more employment and education to the families I work with, she is most proud of".I truly admire her determination for her work!!!!

I strongly recommend you to check out her astonishing work at :

Interesting patchwork...........

Too close to Indian cultural roots........

Cozy Quilts..........

you may click on the images for larger size.

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