November 13, 2009

Maya may be an illusion but Maya jewels is a reality

Maya in sanskrit means "illusion" but Maya Jewels is a reality . Maya Jewels is founded by designer Chhaya Kapadia in 2004. Chaya is born and brought up in Mumbai and moved to NY after her wedding. Having worked in Citibank ,NASDAQ, etc , she finally planned to become a jewelry designer to fulfill her childhood dream. Since , its inception Maya Jewels has never looked back. Her brand is based on three key principals : intricate and sharp designs, the use of forgotten art forms, and uncompromising craftsmanship. Chhaya has a fantastic eye for design. Her designs are very much appreciated all over the globe. Maya Jewels is a hit brand today. She is also winner of Town & Country couture award.
Though , all her designs are awesome, majestic , timeless and feminine but my personal favorites are her Jungle, Lace, Eclipse , Crime of passion collections . Every piece is stunning . Her entire range can be seen at :

Here are few designs from her vibrant collection:

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