November 1, 2009

Charming Little Sadhakas

Charming Little Sadhakas
It is my very first post on my blog and it could not be more excited about starting with the cute little sadhakas . I am rather elated!!!!!

The Masalababy is a hip New York-based India-inspired brand . Their Masala signature line has just launched. The clothes look so divine and comfy . " As mentioned by them - "A pinch of turmeric, a dash of cloves, a sprig of saffron, and a handful of rose petals provide the inspiration for our signature spice colors, all delicately layered in the threads of this new collection."

Fusion being the mainstay in the clothes, their love for Indian colors, heritage and divinity is evident. You can see the entire range at

I adore everything in this Mor pankhi tunic

Mischievous Monk

Truly Indian..........

Lovely tunics!!!!!!

Cute Angrakhas!!!!!!!

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