November 11, 2011

Decor India-Inspirit Adore– Serene and Calm…………………..

This  Decor India – Inspirit adore post  is inspired by the beautiful quote of an Irish writer  /poet Oscar wilde-

“ Nothing is so aggravating than calmness”.

I feel , we all need a space of calmness and serenity. A space, that welcomes your presence, a place where undeniable beauty and purity in nature still survives  and allows you to hear your little inner voice. I strongly feel the decor showcased here will  let you enjoy the silent space and take you through calm mystic odyssey.

Needless to say , I put in my best to present the decor  that is calm, yet having an Indian element in it.

When we talk about serene and calm rooms , the very first name comes to mind is Jordi Canosa , a brilliant  photographer from Barcelona, who has stunningly captured the stillness and softness of these mesmerizing rooms . I  am a big admirer of Jordi’s photography , His photographs are gorgeous and the way he has captured the essence, , no one else could have.

why don’t you have a look ?


                                 ( all images :Jordi Canosa)


                                              ( image : House to Home)

                                    ( image : from the right bank )







                                 (images : Elle decor)


                                     source: Google images

Soma Living

Soma Living

                             (Image source: soma shop )

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