November 4, 2009

Eating is a big no no !!!!!

Yes, I am so captivated just looking at these beautiful cakes .These are simply irresistible. I literally can't take my eyes off... I wouldn't dare to eat such masterworks. These are unique cakes with innovative Indian influence, henna patterns, sari border, zari , ethnic feel. The essence and magic of India's is certainly captured in these elegant creations . Love them all !!!!!!!!!

Please do click on the images to see the closer look of intricate details on these cakes .

Wonderful cakes with timeless art of Henna
These Peacock henna cakes decoration are by darcitananda a henna artist from Henna Lounge based in Oakland. Her henna art is recognised all over and clientele list includes are Times Magazine, Levi Strauss,Macy's etc

I am awestruck by the colors of festivity, vibrancy , energy ...
All these beautiful vibrant colors cakes are from Icing Dreams by Maryam , Canada. Her cakes are stunning , bright, bold, vivacious rainbow of color with a gold ethnic touch, you can check many more beautiful cakes on her site :


As if these are made for Maharajah's...
by Cake designer Djalmma Reinalldo from Brazil

Zari weaving - looks stunning
Cake by Dahlias cakes

Gota Kinari work
cake by Michelle Doll Cakes

I find this cake so cute and different . It is known as Bollywood kitchen Tea cake by Cake Lady cakes


  1. Lovely cakes, and I feel happy that my cakes stay here, I Love indian stile, you can see on my website (exotic)
    I have another one indian sculture, I think so amazing...
    Have a nice day, bbye...

  2. thank you djalmma .

    glad you liked the post . will surely check the site



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