November 11, 2009

India in Rome

Indoroman is a textile company in Rome owned by Ms. Baroness Gaia Franchetti. I think it is a reverse journey of India or I can say East is going to West. In their own words"Indian fabrics reflect a universe of cultural influences; they are like history books wrapping the immense reservoir of culture that is India".

The fine craftsmanship and the richness of Indian culture and textiles is elegantly exhibited through their collection. The range is variety of prints, colours, embroideries and borders on handmade textiles with the stamp of simplicity and classiness. The products are not inspired by India rather India is shining through their entire range.

Their vast amount of product knowledge and the passion is a contributing factor in preserving and further promoting the craft heritage of India's hand looms / textiles.
Please check their site for their passionate collection :

Map of Indian Textiles........

Sacred Peepal Leaf

Lovely quilts.....

Embroidered tapes in elegant designs.....

Furthermore, they also organise events every year to present the new collections and to share their travel experiences with clients and friends.

It warms my heart to see India's craft and its textile's tradition is explored, appreciated and promoted.

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