January 29, 2010

Breathtaking – Unbelievable - Seamless work of Art!!!!!!!!!!

This is what you would feel when you would see the work of  Emma Van Leest ,  paper cutting artist from Melbourne,  Australia.   I have just blogged ( my  earlier post ) about Indian paper cutting art  and  how our paper cutting art is devoted to the worship of Lord Krishna .   But, when I saw the work of Emma , I simply fell in love with her work ,   close eye for details,   unbelievable imagination , ingenious talent, fineness and delicacy of her paper art .  On completing her degree from RMIT University , Emma left for Indonesia to learn   Balinese and Javanese folk art. She also  studied the ancient art of shadow puppetry there . In 2008  , she took up a residency at the Sanskriti Kendra in New Delhi, India .  Indian comic books, Mughal miniature,  carving , embroideries, religious relics, dollhouses, Chinese illustrations, Operas,  abstract painters have been her source of Inspiration.   She has started using more colors in her work after her stay in India.

Her work has been featured in various exhibitions and famous magazines. Though, all her artworks are magnificent but “before the first rain” and “Sanskriti series”  is close to my heart as it is inspired by the traditional Indian culture, moghul art  , daily life in India  and Indian comics.  The title, Before the first rain,   is about  an Indian summer and... anticipation that arises in the heart when we are awaiting the first rains………………

From her collection “ Before the first rain”

                                                            “All matters that exist”vanleest_allmatterthatexists_lg                                                                         “Necessitiesvanleest_necessities_lg                                                                         “ Incurred”vanleest_incurred_lg

                                                                                       “A likeness”vanleest_alikeness_lg1                                                                             “We are all returning”vanleest_weareallreturning_lg

                                                                              Sanskriti Series – I vanleest_boxpink_lg                                                                                   Sanskriti Series – II          vanleest_boxgreen_lg                                                                  Sanskriti Series - IIIsanskriti-series-iii

Sanskriti work is  done in the boxes .  Do you believe me now when I said Emma’s work is breathtaking – unbelievable ?  I can’t even cut a straight line and  she is creating wonders,  fantasy , a  dream world .  She did not miss a thing.   Absolutely awe-inspiring!!! .   I am sure , the next thing you are going to do is to see her more work,     unique cutting style makes her work well worth checking out..

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  1. Thanks to LinkWithin, I reached this older post of yours. My! I never knew people could create such intricate wonders!



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