December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2010!!!!!!!!

santa copy

Wishing Everyone Merry Christmas & wonderful New Year ahead!!!!!!!!!

May Love, Joy, Health & Prosperity be with you all today, tomorrow & always !!!!!!!!!


December 21, 2009

Beauty of River Chenab

I have tried to capture the beauty of Chenab river through my camera  during my last trip to our home down in Doda , a district in Jammu & Kashmir. Chenab is also  known as “Chandra Bhaga”  the two streams confluence at Tandi in the higher reaches of Himalayas. It comes through a highly treacherous , zigzag  and violent journey  of mountainous regions of Paddar, Dacchan,Marwah valleys of Kishtwar paving its way to the plains of Jammu and Punjab and finally entering into Pakistan. The water is so pure, green in color and medicinal , people living on its bank take dip in the river  on any of the auspicious occasion. The first successful expedition on ferocious river led by  famous rafter Ken Warren in 1988 . In his own words “We had managed to run this turbulent river successfully. The river goddess had answered our prayers. It was a great and wonderful day for everyone who had helped to make the expedition a success. Elated, euphoric in our achievement, we made plans for our next river run. “I think India could one day become the white water rafting capital of the world” . The current Government in Jammu & Kashmir is making plans to promote Adventure Tourism in the state and primarily focusing on Chenab rafting.

  DSC00202aDSC00171a DSC00169a

                                                              Ken’s Chenab Expedition


With this post , we are going to start a sweeping journey across India through its Palaces, Luxury hotels, exotic places, architectural designs… Come explore with us !!!!!!!

December 5, 2009

Become a Bollywood star in France !!!!!!!!!

Aspiring to become a Bollywood star may be a  dream of many Indian youngsters but in France one can become bolly star without coming to India and trying that hard. It is the love of Bollywood films that brought Sarah Loosdregt and Sophie Legoubin to India and they  set up limona studio in the French capital. Limona Studio gives an excellent opportunity to create your own stunning poster in a truly bolly style where you are  no less than any bolly star rather you are the only star!!!

These posters are made by Indian Poster artist from Mumbai, belonging  to the family of Painters who have created  magical posters in bollywood since the golden era of Indian cinema. The painters work in oil on a strong canvas. They create customized posters , one can put anything one wants in the posters , from pets, friends , family, house , car, etc. To get a personal poster, one has to send his /her picture and they take care of the rest . One can either select the style from the catalog ( they have huge collection of the Indian film Posters from Mother India to Judwa ) or can design on his own. Sarah and Sophie works directly with these painters and come to India very often.  Their aim is to keep the Indian Poster art alive.


India–inspirit truly applaud  Limona Studio’s  efforts to keep the kitschy art of India alive , and get the public to appreciate  it and the most important to support our artists…. Pls check their site at (though, it is in French ) for more such posters. They are living their passion!!!!!!



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