June 12, 2010

Pan Dei – an epitome of eternal love!!!

Pan Dei Palais of San Tropez  charms every guests with its beautiful architecture and narrates the tale of love of  French General towards an Indian princess Pan dei through its interiors and Indian inspired decor.

The mansion was  originally built in 1835 by French General Allard for his Indian wife Princess Bannu Pan Deï  was  later lovingly restored  into a boutique hotel in 2006 with just 12 rooms. Interior Designer Francoise Piault designed all the furniture that is made in India with ancient wood recovered from old temples. Each Room is named as Dewa , Shakti , Durga , Shanti , etc

Pan Dei offers elegant comfort , modern amenities, presenting picture of Royal and Indian colonial lifestyle and take you to the era where history mixes with rich Indian & French design to stir your senses with  opulent colors, antique furniture like four poster beds , mughal  paintings, beautiful textiles, Lush green garden.

                                             Exotic Pan Dei image                               

                                              Entrance of Pan Dei  Image of Pan Dei Palais, Saint-Tropez

                                                              Lobby image




                                               Durga Suiteimage

                                              Shanti Suiteimage

                                       Zen inspired Spa



Great place to relax and unwind  in  harmoniously blended princely ,luxurious yet very calm surroundings. Find more details  here at Pan dei

June 6, 2010

An enchanted stay!!

Off late,  I have been so busy that I  really don’t get time to write on my blog . My  work has taken physical toll on me .  It is frustrating though .  I  badly need place  to relax and  nourish my body , mind and soul.   A serene place to call home.

I asked for it and I found it . Le  Sutra – India’s first  art hotel  situated in Mumbai.   The hotel is truly a unique and spiritual experience  with the most  splendid mythological design, artwork and decor .  This 16 rooms boutique hotel started in January , 2010 , decor of the hotel is hugely inspired by Vedic scriptures and Ayurveda Trigunas – Sattva, Tamas  and Rajas.

Each Floor depicts  Ayurveda Gunas  - Ground Floor named as Tamas , Floor above is Rajas and Top Floor is Sattva,  Reception Area is Called Kundalini .


Satva in Ayurveda represents purity  - hence,  the decor on this floor is very warm , welcoming , spiritual and soulful  - Satva Floor has rooms named : Prakriti, Shuddhi, Nirvan & Mandala . Decorating these rooms  with sacred objects is a sure way to foster a serene and soothing environment in the rooms and also  achieve an exotic style. A stay in such place  would be entirely a different experience . As rightly said  by Joseph Campbell -  “ To live in a sacred space is to live in a symbolic environment where spiritual life is possible, where everything around you speaks of the exaltation of the spirit”

                               “PRAKRITI ROOM”image

                                           “Nirvan Roomimage

                                          “Shuddhi Room”


                                             “Mandala Room”


Rajas represents passion that leads to activity– the decor  on this floor is very vibrant , energetic, vivacious . Rajas floor has Dyuutya Room: Gambling (dyoot) , Kathak Room ,  Shringar  Room , Karna Room

                                       “Dyutya Room”image

                                     “Karan Room”image

                                         “Kathak Room”image

                                           “Shringar Room”image

Tamas floor is yet to be unveiled,

Each floor , room at Le Sutra narrates a story  ,  Story of Buddha , story of Karna , Lots of Art objects have been used that  add visual interest and enhance the environment .         

                      “Wheel Chair”



                                “Dove Hand Cuboard handle”

image                                          “Prakriti”


                                “Damroo Table”

image                                      “Mandala Chair”image

                                         “Teak Root Budha”


I found the decor  very nice , unique ,  whimsical and  purely artistic. I think Le Sutra  has created an ambience to suit your mood . Whatever suits your mood, or whatever mood you’d like to create. Its right there and the best part is   Creative team at  Le sutra is doing their bit to make world  aware of the existence of ever older culture of India , its mythology  and Ayurveda Science .  What more can I ask ? For more details , you may visit their site at:



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