August 10, 2016

28 Kothi

We had been planning to go to Jaipur for some time. Unfortunately, health issues prevented me to travel and I ended up being a virtual tourist again. During my search, I came across a couple of nice ones but 28 Kothi stole my heart. It matches the charm of Jaipur city and a perfect luxurious escape. Clean, minimalist decor, a blend of modern and contemporary art, yet very chic, definitely makes the space very inviting and warm.

Fresh, sun kissed mornings in the lounge and lazy afternoons in the library are great sitting areas for those who wants relaxing and serene atmosphere.

This boutique guesthouse is owned by Gem Palace designer Munnu Kasliwal’s son Siddharth and NYC-based Abhishek Honawar. Lebanese designer Nur Kaoukji of the ecru  brand has a distinct style. She has added new aesthetic to the entire place.




So, I  know where to go whenever I am in Jaipur. Check out for more details on their website


August 9, 2016

Absolute Stillness

There is nothing, I want to change here.. Absolute stillness.















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