November 18, 2009

Sparkling Clay rather Klay

Inspired by sparkling glory of Rajasthan, Sandra Goercke is creating work of art . She is a ceramic artist based in Benoni , South Africa running her own Klay-studio for past 25 years. She works mainly by hand in earthenware. Indian colorful patterns , fabrics , mirror work has influenced her art. Her work has been exhibited at various exhibitions. She has won number of awards in the ceramic industry including Ultrafern award for the "On the wall, off the wall' exhibition in 2003. Infact, Her Indian Cushion was acquired for the Corobrick Collection. Corobrick is a largest manufacturer, distributor and exporter of bricks in South Africa.

Her Studio Klay specializes in handcrafted luminaries originally made in clay and then reproduced in an Eco-friendly acrylic material. Each clay panel is so beautifully hand crafted by Sandra who takes utmost care in keeping the Indian essence intact as well as pay close attention to the functionality of her handcrafted work. To know more about her work , please visit her gallery at :

Her Indian Cushion

Few of my favourite ones .........

Bundi Panel

Jaipur panel without light

Jaipur panel with light

Jaisalmer panel without light

Jaisalmer Panel with light

More panels

Hanging Lanterns

Handmade with love for little cuties !!!!!!

Earthentree's charming and eco friendly made in India toys are making a big name for itself . These are adorned all over the world because of its uniqueness, creativity ,durability. Toys like rattle ,preschool counting stackers, push toy, cool tops, etc are beautiful , rich in color, dyed organically -non toxic, made of sustainable wood, hand crafted , age appropriate , lead free , meet the guidelines of CPSIA. Is n't it so cool!!!! Earthentree's toys have everything you could ever need for your child.

Earthentree is a brainchild of Deepti Shankar, an art historian originally from India now living in Kirkland, USA . She started this company in 2006. Earthentree employs 30 toy makers in Channapatna a rural town near Bangalore, India which is known as toy town of Karnatka. Channapatna toys have a long history. There are references of these traditional toys during the rule of Tipu Sultan.

Earthentree has put in lots of efforts in terms of design , concept and safety to make these traditional toys popular. Their toys certainly have universal appeal . Three cheers for Earthentree for restoring the folk toys art of India and helping artisans improving their lives!!!!

You can see more of their toys here .

November 17, 2009

Garam Garam Chai at my Charpai

Designer Stéphanie de Saint simon from France is as obsessed with Charpai's as we Indians are. Her cute charpais and trunks have brought back so many childhood memories of my Grandmother's house in Punjab where we used to eat , dance , sleep on these Manji's ( As called in Punjab). Now that we are settled in Delhi , I still get a chance to sit and sip Chai , drink lassi or eat sarson ka saag and makki ki roti on these charpai's in the roadside Dhabas while traveling to Ludhiana ( sweaters hub in punjab) for my work .

Her trunks & Storage boxes are close to my heart as I almost broke into tears when I first saw these . Looking at these , I could only think of my grandmother ( she is no more but lives in my heart every moment) - these trunks were the treasure trunks for me at that time as my grandma would hide her goodies in these and i would secretly open as and when i would get chance to control my excitement. My mother still possesses those trunks!!!!!!

Oh no !!!I got lost in my reminiscence.....

Back to Stephanie, after her frequent trips to India , she had fallen in love with India and its life. She started her brand Ouma Productions in 2008 which was inspired by Indian streets. Thali stools , sack pillows, gorgeous charpais - Her furniture is elegant , ethnic, creative that adds design and style to any type of home decor. I am sure you too will have your story when you would look at her designs . I can vouch for it!!!! Please check her designs at :

my treasure trunks!!!!!!!!

truck art inspired ........

By the way , my post about Stephanie doesn't end here . Her beautiful and creative house is featured in Elle decor . See for yourself..

More pics of her house can be seen at

November 13, 2009

Maya may be an illusion but Maya jewels is a reality

Maya in sanskrit means "illusion" but Maya Jewels is a reality . Maya Jewels is founded by designer Chhaya Kapadia in 2004. Chaya is born and brought up in Mumbai and moved to NY after her wedding. Having worked in Citibank ,NASDAQ, etc , she finally planned to become a jewelry designer to fulfill her childhood dream. Since , its inception Maya Jewels has never looked back. Her brand is based on three key principals : intricate and sharp designs, the use of forgotten art forms, and uncompromising craftsmanship. Chhaya has a fantastic eye for design. Her designs are very much appreciated all over the globe. Maya Jewels is a hit brand today. She is also winner of Town & Country couture award.
Though , all her designs are awesome, majestic , timeless and feminine but my personal favorites are her Jungle, Lace, Eclipse , Crime of passion collections . Every piece is stunning . Her entire range can be seen at :

Here are few designs from her vibrant collection:

November 12, 2009


Studio Gorm is a design studio of John Arndt and Wonhee Jeong . They have designed Indian line of products in collaboration with artisans in Gujarat for Dastkar( The society for an upliftment of crafts and craftspeople in India). The India Line is featured below . Please click here for more creations by these brilliant designers:

The designs created by them are neat, aligned and "green " that they not only look good, but are easier to use and Eco friendly too. Their "Flow2 kitchen " is a unique product/concept in which Kitchen waste is used to grow the plants that too within the same cute little unit. Please click below link to find more on how it works , it is a detailed post by Deezen on the same.

November 11, 2009

India in Rome

Indoroman is a textile company in Rome owned by Ms. Baroness Gaia Franchetti. I think it is a reverse journey of India or I can say East is going to West. In their own words"Indian fabrics reflect a universe of cultural influences; they are like history books wrapping the immense reservoir of culture that is India".

The fine craftsmanship and the richness of Indian culture and textiles is elegantly exhibited through their collection. The range is variety of prints, colours, embroideries and borders on handmade textiles with the stamp of simplicity and classiness. The products are not inspired by India rather India is shining through their entire range.

Their vast amount of product knowledge and the passion is a contributing factor in preserving and further promoting the craft heritage of India's hand looms / textiles.
Please check their site for their passionate collection :

Map of Indian Textiles........

Sacred Peepal Leaf

Lovely quilts.....

Embroidered tapes in elegant designs.....

Furthermore, they also organise events every year to present the new collections and to share their travel experiences with clients and friends.

It warms my heart to see India's craft and its textile's tradition is explored, appreciated and promoted.

November 9, 2009

"Am I seeing Peacocks everywhere?"

Every month , I will be dedicating one post to any concept that banks on its Indianness to carry it through. This month's theme is "PEACOCK"

Since, my childhood, I was enchanted by the timeless beauty of Indian Blue Peacock (as popularly known Mor in Hindi and Mayura in sanskrit)and used to keep those beautiful feathers in my books. It's beauty is indescribable , awesome probably God's one of the best creations and God's favourite too. Lord Krishna always had peacock feather in his crown. There are references in "Vedas" about Peacock . The great Mughals too were mesmerised by the charm and majestic beauty of this lovely bird that the architecture at their time & "Takht e Taus" a legendary Peacock throne shows their fondness for peacock. Peacock signifies India and proudly known as National Bird of India.

I just happened to read an interesting book on Peacock " Peacock in Indian Art, thought and Literature by Mr.Krishna Lal. Book revealed interesting facts about peacock and its worth in India in the form of art , literature , religion ,etc . If this beautiful bird stirs your imagination too , go grab the copy of the book it is available at :

Since ancient times right from Mohanjodaro 2500 BC till this date peacock continue to spark the imagination of many artistic souls. It is the spirit of this exotic bird that its regal charm and mysticism easily blending traditional to chic fusion in the fashion, style and culture of any part of the world. By the way, the peacock trend is catching up so fastly that I see peacocks peacocks everywhere in jewellery , clothing , textiles , watches , shoes ... ethnics with a blend of modern yet unique

Makes my heart skip a beat!!!!!!!!

Peacock inspired fashion accessories!!!

Feather effect!!!

As if peacock dancing in my house!!!!!!!

Kitchenware too !!

Out of the world !!!

P.S. We claim no ownership to any image used in the above post as the same is used only for inspiration source .

November 4, 2009

Eating is a big no no !!!!!

Yes, I am so captivated just looking at these beautiful cakes .These are simply irresistible. I literally can't take my eyes off... I wouldn't dare to eat such masterworks. These are unique cakes with innovative Indian influence, henna patterns, sari border, zari , ethnic feel. The essence and magic of India's is certainly captured in these elegant creations . Love them all !!!!!!!!!

Please do click on the images to see the closer look of intricate details on these cakes .

Wonderful cakes with timeless art of Henna
These Peacock henna cakes decoration are by darcitananda a henna artist from Henna Lounge based in Oakland. Her henna art is recognised all over and clientele list includes are Times Magazine, Levi Strauss,Macy's etc

I am awestruck by the colors of festivity, vibrancy , energy ...
All these beautiful vibrant colors cakes are from Icing Dreams by Maryam , Canada. Her cakes are stunning , bright, bold, vivacious rainbow of color with a gold ethnic touch, you can check many more beautiful cakes on her site :


As if these are made for Maharajah's...
by Cake designer Djalmma Reinalldo from Brazil

Zari weaving - looks stunning
Cake by Dahlias cakes

Gota Kinari work
cake by Michelle Doll Cakes

I find this cake so cute and different . It is known as Bollywood kitchen Tea cake by Cake Lady cakes


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