July 12, 2011

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Friends , its  time to move further, I am glad to share with you all that I am starting two exciting  categories of blog post every month . “ Choose your own slice of Paradise -Your dose of rejuvenation” & “ Decor India-Inspirit  Adore “ as a regular feature on the blog .

India  the  cultural  mosaic, intoxicating fusion of ancient panorama, blessed with stunning landscapes, conglomeration and congregations of  regions and religions, lovely food, vibrant bazaars, Holy Shrines ,  India is undoubtedly a  perfect getaway . 

But where is the time ??  Insipidness of daily routine usually  takes  us away from the serenity ,  beauty and charm of Life . Don’t you think  sometimes , we have strong urge to surrender ourselves to the allures of beauty of nature , exotic interiors, lovely places where in we want to  rejoice in  extraordinary surroundings , enjoy local food. But can we actually  pack our  bags and just go unwind ourselves  as and when we want to?? I know  the answer is NO . So, here comes , “Choose your own slice of Paradise” - Your dose of rejuvenation.  It is about exotic destinations in India where in we will be seeing the sights of rural India  to palaces,  regality of Maharajas , metamorphosing into  palaces, havelis  into world class hotels , luxurious safaris all seduced  with breathless,  matchless interior decor and captivating sights .  Are you ready?????????

Decor India-Inspirit Adore – The idea of writing this as a regular feature clicked me when I recently blogged about  rooms ( Classy and Stylish Indian Touch ; An Indian Charm continues……..An Indian Touch !!!!!!!!!)  with an  Indian inspired decor . I enjoyed writing these posts very much  and had decided then only to continue with the same. Decor India-Inspirit Adore  would feature rooms with interiors , decor that would be inspired by India .  Indian inspiration could be beautiful use of Indian hand block printed cushions, sari curtains , Indian furniture, Indian Embroideries , Indian traditional art , motifs , design, Indian god’s posters , calendars  or even wall colors of Indian homes, etc .

I promise you will enjoy these new features !!  Happy Reading and Stay tuned ………………



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