January 9, 2011

Glamorous Pink decor!!!

I have been drooling over this very eclectic, vibrant and  glamorous home ever since i have seen it on Marie Claire maison. This is a house of Mireille fear from Paris drawing inspiration from Indian  kitsch and Bollywood .Who would have thought that just one color  pink would bring in so much of  charm  not only to a room but to a whole house ?

Loved everything in this house , very tastefully done  ,Oh yes , very much Indian inspired !!!

marais, bollywood, paris, kitsch,

chambre, rose, bollywood, décoration, appartement, visite privée,

                  canapé, miroir, chinoiserie, décoration, appartement, visite privée, bollywood, paris,

table, salle à manger, visite privée, shéhérazade, bollywood, appartement, paris

how beautiful this toran ( Door hanging)  looks on the door ?

( image source :http://www.marieclairemaison.com/)


  1. awwws i wish my house looked like that!

  2. I really like your blog, I can understand how Indian culture and art can be such a big seller for foreigners, since i am a designer from NId, India, presently settled in Seoul. I have a range of my products here, and i try and fuse the indo-oriental feel to everything. I had an exhibition of my products a while ago, and gotta tell you, people just love everything indian inspired. Love ur blog, and have already added you in my reading list. Do visit mine when you find time http://seoulcurry.blogspot.com/

  3. You have such a beautiful blog--I just stumbled across it, totally following you now!

  4. thank you for your generous comments

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