September 18, 2010

Mehndi (henna) Obsession!!

I am so  sorry for taking such long breaks. Honestly life has been on roller coaster .. but settling now , work pressure seems to be less and I am all geared up for new posts.

Just got back from a Family wedding and  Mehndi ( henna) is what i am currently obsessed with  !!!   It seems I am not alone – let us explore together who all are passionate about  mehndi and using their creativity to create  a unique product which is awe inspiring and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Malene Barnett's Mehndi rug – ( oh my god so different…)



           Megan Noel’s Drawing ( So Beautiful and unique!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Royal Elephant original art by Megan Noel

 Albert Einstein drawing by Megan Noel

Buddha original drawing by Megan Noel

                       Wooden Spoon set by Parizadhe

Peacock with Leaf Henna Inspired Wooden Spoon Set - Made To Order

Diagonal Lotus Wooden Spoon Set in Pyrography - Made to Order

                                       Mehndi Jewelry from Dai Ban

mehndi peacock cuff

round mehndi cufflink







mehndi band with pink saphire

          diamond in the house







peacock mehndi

                                Mehndi candles by all about henna

Peacock on Henna Candle - Handmade - LavendarIntricate henna pattern on scented Candle


Square Petite Henna Hurricane Candle - Peacock - Made to Order

                         Lovely Organic clothing by Henna Baby

Organic Yoranna II Onesie --- hand painted one of a kind.  FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING.    Organic Danbin  Onesie -- hand painted one of a kind.  FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING.  Organic Rangani Onesie --- hand painted one of a kind.  FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING.

                               Judith Leiber Heena Clutch

                            Carlos Falchi Henna bags  in snake leather

I have also posted about  mehndi inspired cake in the past ..  Do not think this mehndi ( henna) is going to fade away ever!!

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