September 28, 2010

Delicate Ceramics by Michelle Kosoy

Michelle Kosoy is a ceramic artist runs a studio kosoy bouchard in Toronto  with  her glass artist husband Pierre Bouchard .  She uses wooden blocks ( as used in  India for mostly printing fabrics, papers etc)  to  give her creations (earthenware and porcelains) a highly unique style.

Her work is beautiful, charming and  classy.  I am in love with her color pallets of white and neutral pale shades.  Well, it is not only beautiful; it is functional too. The shapes may look simple but patterns are intricate. the finished product is so elegant  .  Her fine lines and detail require a keen eye, a very steady hand and a good deal of patience . She has participated in various exhibitions Her work has now been picked up on by Art Gallery of Ontario, Hollace Cluny, and Good Egg in Toronto.

What a unique use of wooden blocks ? never ever could even think of ..

Do  not believe me? see it for yourself :










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