September 27, 2012

Stuff India-Inspirit can’t miss!!!

Hi friends , If minimalist is your style of decor  and you are looking to create a bedroom that is peaceful , calm , elegant  and  contemporary  then look no further, Natural Bed Company from UK has  gorgeous and  widest selection of beds and other furniture.  Their  furniture is designed to mix and match contemporary with traditional style and create a fresh new look of simple yet aesthetic bed room .  They also do lots of Indian themed beds.

I am loving their simple bed frames. These are so  captivating  and well suited for those who believe in  “Less is more “ kind of style and decor. Here’s stuff worth drooling over this week.

                                          Kandhar Bed



                                               Khyber Bed


                                 Khajuraho Bed


                                              Kutch 4 poster bed


                                                  Shalimar Bed



For many more beautiful beds and other furniture designs ,  please visit them at their site . They also have website dedicated to Indian stuff only .For more details , please check them at .

Interestingly , Natural bed company and I share a common passion/interest - our love for Indian textiles and carvings of India . you can visit  the link at:

Hope you enjoyed the post.

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