September 19, 2012

Nail Art……….

I have recently  come to know  about Konad nail art.  Konad is a  hassle free stamping of intricate pattern on nails, comes in a kit form. I am loving this new, crazy and pretty interesting nail art . Guess what  I found ? Well , quite a few Indian / Bollywood inspired nail patterns on this beautiful blog . Jocelyn has been konading for quite some time . Her designs are fabulous and very creative. How meticulously, she has replicated the Indian look and its intricate pattern , it’s  awesome and just perfect!!

This one is inspired by Rani Mukherji’s  saree in film Paheli



                                   Mehndi inspired



I didn’t know it is a huge craze and the more I learned about it , the more interested I got. I discovered another unique nail art by Kayleigh O'Connor   from Birmingham UK  . She is  a talented artist who is creating stories on nails and presenting a new art form .  She started nail painting  on glue- on nails just to curb her  habit of nail biting and finally  ended up  creating masterpiece. Her creativity is unique, unconventional and boasting quirky side of  nail art . she is experimenting a lot with movies and fairy tales characters , themes and various  patterns.  Here are few of her nail art designs:


                                         The Little Mermaid


                                        Snow Whiteimage

                               Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street


                                        Edward Scissorhands


                                        Dr. Evil


                                    Seven Daysimage

                                            Russian Dollsimage


                                         Fruit Salad


She seems to enjoy thinking out of the box and has created many more fun designs . For more designs , pls check :

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