March 11, 2010

Live up your glamorous self with Faded Grandeur of an Indian palace

I have been dying to post on my blog but my preoccupation with work ( not slept for more than 5 hours a day  for almost a week now , late sittings for last  1 month ) is simply not letting me to do so.  I do not know when I will get leisure time . But when I bumped into the site of  lizzie fortunato ,  I knew I  had to post about them no matter what!!!!!

Designed by Elizabeth and operated by kathryn , the team of twin sisters  behind the lizzie fortunato jewels  truly believes that  that fine jewelry is not about diamonds or precious stones, you can still make a Statement jewelry  using recycled materials that will add to the wearer’s allure and  can very well  flaunt a chic look.  They started their venture in 2007 and since then no looking back, they have created line for Victoria Bartlettd, Urban outfitters , Whistle+Flute etc,  Elizabeth  is designer behind the brand  adores traditional techniques – be it weaving, embroidery , cross stitching , she applies   them generously & so beautifully into her jewelry designs . She clearly puts a lot of love into her designs that makes them so striking and unique.

The spring / summer 2010 collection of Elizabeth and Kathryn fortunato, draw inspiration from a voyage to India .  They traveled through out India sourcing fabrics, vintage textiles, stones etc before they launched their latest collection .  The collection titled “ Faded Grandeur” revolves around  past  tales of  romance and majestic life style  of an Indian palace .  The designers have injected a touch of glamour and old world charm to their latest collection . Totally in sync with the theme of their latest crafty collection , the range is revival  of an old era, fine treasures  that celebrates colors  with its spectacular variety of Bib necklaces, bracelets , earrings , etc .


 Designer favorite piece is “ Frivolous Tonight “ that took  15 hours of hand-cross-stitching.04_SS10

                                                               “ Sun Also rises Necklace”07_SS10

                                                                      “New Dawn Fades" 03_SS10                    “ Opulent Memories: Necklace”                            “ Palace in Pondicherry Necklace “


                                                                             “Spirits for sale”05_SS10

                                                                “  Storm the Palace  - Necklace”01_SS10

Some of my favorites are “ the sun also rises , opulent memories, spirits for sale , palace in Pondicherry .   For more such fashionable and  striking pieces  please check

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