January 4, 2010

Choose your own slice of paradise in luxury boutique hotels of Goa

Goa is one place where I can go anytime of the year .  An old Portuguese colony ( almost ruled  by the colonial Portuguese for over 450yrs ) on the west coast of India , popularly known as the “Rome of the East” is one place to offer you what you can expect from a rejuvenating vacation-  - superb sandy beaches,  best of coastal climate , clear blue skies and blazing  sunshine,  immense history ,  fascinating and unique blend of Indian and Portuguese culture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Old Goa,  Goan sea food and feni drink ,  Goan Carnivals – Colorful festivals , fun loving people , carefree lifestyle,  Luxury retreats – What more can I ask??

If you are keen to know more about Goa and its culture ,  just check goacentral , a tourist information portal that has all the details you wish to know about Goa.

While looking  out for new places in Goa , I found Four  luxury boutique hotels overwhelmed with beauty.  Their comfort and  charm  can leave anyone ecstatic , overjoyed and mesmerized .  Now,  I am longing for my next trip……….. to take refuge in  my own slice of paradise…..  Where do you want to be or would you like to come on a virtual tour with me to discover more ?????

Here we go ………………….

Siolim House  -  North Goa

If you want to experience the magnificence living of Portugal Colonial house , then Siolim House is the only choice . Situated in the village of Siolim in North Goa,  Siolim house  is three hundred and seventy five years old house once belonged to Governor of Macau .  Presently owned by Varun Sood who bought this heritage house in 1996  , elegantly restored with utmost attention to its architecture, infused with the essence of a true Goan Palacio ,its 22 rooms were converted into  7 large suite accommodation.   Siolim house is a non hotel home (As varun calls) , a perfect destination for someone seeking silence with grace and elegance .  The best of food is offered with age old village recipes cooked by local aunties.  Siolim House was a finalist for the 2001 UNESCO Asia pacific heritage awards for conservation.

                                                          Home away from home !!!!!2                                                                       Beautiful  Inner Courtyard courtyard                                                        Pool with massage table and tree housepool

                                                                   View of Restaurant 5                                                              Living Room – wooden ceilingsliving room               They have named every room after trading ports of the 17th  century.   (17th century in which Siolim House was built)

                                                     View of “ Surat Suite”surat                                                                         View of Bahia Suitebahia 2                                                               Close up of Bahia Suite bahia                                                                                      View of Malabar suite malabar                                                           Sunny and bright Cambay suitecambay1122

Awesome Canopy four poster beds, attractive light hued walls  to complement the antique furniture, minimalist décor , Rooms look  bright and spacious, mother of pearl windowpanes, hope you did not miss out variety of  lovely  patterns of  floor tiles  used in every nook and corner of the house .   What a fun it would be to walk barefoot on these floors ??

Isn’t this  a relaxed , quiet heaven , a  stunning place to unwind yourself ??

By the way   our  beautiful exploration of Siolim House does n’t end here… As they say  “all great things come in small packages”  Little Siolim   is a scintillating  and splendid surprise of a  Siolim House.  “Little Siolim”  is another 3 fully air-conditioned bedrooms building  situated as you enter the Siolim village. Little Siolim decor is based on the theme of Mangoes and coconuts and that is why the whole house is painted with yellow . Even the Pillars in  the courtyard  and pool are all made of coconut tree . Rooms are as lovely as Siolim house.  Heavenly colors like Fuchsia, Orange, Red and yellow would brighten and lift up one's mood and spirit.  Beautiful Sleigh beds,  Antique and chic  furniture made me stop and look again. The rich hues  used in furnishing , blend flawlessly with  simplistic decor and enhance the warmth of the rooms .   The  house also has an open kitchen  fully equipped with all modern amenities for cooking .One can choose to cook oneself or  can request for service of chef  as desired.


Pool in the courtyard  - the entire house centers around this pool   img34

Living Room  - vibrant and full of energyimg5

Master Bedroom with wooden flooring img9

 Boat Shaped teak wood bedimg13 Bathrooms with modern fittings

    img18 img25

For further enquiries , more facilities , tariff details , you may check their site siolimhouse  or may write at siolimhouse@gmail.com

Hope you enjoyed  virtual tour of  the  beauty and peacefulness of  “Siolim “ as much as I did. 

Watch out for my next post for the other  hotels  with their stunning beauty and style…………


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